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Markham Liquid Hair (Protein Reconstructor) 8oz
    Markham Liquid Hair (Protein Reconstructor) 8oz
    Purchase Markham Liquid Hair (Protein Reconstructor) 8oz
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      Markham Liquid Hair (Protein Reconstructor) 8oz

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    Markham Liquid Hair (Protein Reconstructor) 8oz

    The one conditioner to repair and prepare hair for perms, color or treatments. Brings thin, weak hair to life, restores strength and elasticity. Unique formulation helps repair cuticle damage, leaving fine, limp hair full of body and shine.

    • Specifically formulated for dull, dry, drab, permed, color treated and critically damaged hair.
    • Contains protein polypeptides of the correct molecular weights and sizes for bonding with the keratin protein structure of the hair.
    • Helps repair damaged cuticle.
    • Strengthens hair.
    • A must for hair coloring and for perms before using a neutralizer
    • Markham’s Liquid Hair has a pungent order due to the actual protein and is meant to be rinsed out
    Ingredients: Water, Keratin Hair Protein, Amino Acids, Tri-Molecular Tri-Action Protein, Benzyl, Trimethyl Ammonium Hydrolyzed Keratin Hair Protein, Lactic Acid, Oleth 20, Quaternium 15, Methylparaben, Carmel Color, Markham's natural blend of Pure Essential Oils for Aroma Therapy Fragrance, Acationic adduct of the protein

    For the ultimate Power Pak for damage or chemically treated hair, used in conjunction with: 

    • Markham PHR (Protein Hair Remoisturizer) The Ultimate Conditioner
    • Mix equal parts in a small container until you achieved a “medium” consistency
    • Focus on your ends (all your hair that you can pull back on a ponytail)
    • Leave on the hair for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly
    • The PHR (Remoisturizer) provides the moisture your hair needs. The Liquid Hair (Protein) mends the damage ends you may have.

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